Colleyville's Origins

Founded in the 1850s, Colleyville, Texas began as a simple, rural farmland with a small school and gradually grew to include a church, general stores, doctors, and eventually had a railroad built in the 1900s. The city steadily grew until it became the gorgeous city it is today. Colleyville is close to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and an international airport.

  • Colleyville Opportunities

    Opportunities for Growth

    Colleyville is always looking to expand its business and residential population. Their economy is always growing leaving room for everyone from a seasoned businessman to a new plumber in Colleyville to have the opportunity to expand their career as they see fit. Career opportunities always present themselves as new residents settle in and begin contributing.

  • Colleyville Attractions

    Special Attractions

    Colleyville offers a range of charming and unique recreational activities for locals and visitors. The nature center allows visitors places to fish or do some bird watching in the beauty of nature. JumpStreet is available for those who wants to do some trampoline tricks and a Paint and Sip studio is available for the artistic pros and amateurs to paint and enjoy a drink on the side.

  • High-Quality of Life

    The residents of Colleyville live a relaxed and more lavish lifestyle. They have created rewarding activities such as gardening clubs, library clubs, and several other community-based clubs that meet at their local city center. In addition, eleven public parks in the city have been granted awards based on the high quality of their playground equipment and cleanliness.

Highly Rated Location

No matter what resource is used to learn more about this charming town, Colleyville has achieved glowing reviews from its residents and visitors alike. Life in Colleyville is charming and well-rounded, offering high quality education, business ventures, and recreational facilities. It makes a wonderful place to live and raise a family or just to visit for the day or weekend.